Connecting Health, Lifestyle, and People


To establish a connecting network whereby every person understands the importance of health and environment conservation so that we, as one body, can empathize and support one another.

About Us

TheBottleStore kicked off as the very first centralized e-commerce solution for quality water bottles and thermos flasks that is based in Singapore. Since then, we have grown to be a company that aspires to contribute meaningfully to the society and our environment.

Our store was officially established in 2017, although we are a small start-up, our mission has been set straight; we envision to connect people from different walks of life, consumers and organisations, in an effort to raise the importance of health, awareness of disease prevalence, and the protection of our environment, so that everyone, together as one body, can empathize and support one another.

We provide a wide range of quality sports bottles to thermos flasks and shaker cups derived from renown brands around the world such as Clean Bottle®, Klean Kanteen®, Nalgene®, O2COOL®, Oasis®, que® and more. Our water bottles go through a careful and strict selection process. They must be BPA-free (non-toxic) and highly durable.

In alignment with our mission and vision, we hold regular events and are also constantly seeking partnerships with different institutions. For example, one of our long term campaigns includes the donation of 10% of gross proceeds from each bottle sold to the Singapore Cancer Society.